Shantou Hi-Tech Zone Arrow Power Mfg.Ltd., established in Shantou, China in November 2000 with its headquarter in Hong Kong, specializes in the development and manufacture of R-Core and R-Core Transformer. Our annual production capacity for R-Core and R-Transformer are 24 million pcs. and 8 million pcs. respectively. The majority of our manufacturing equipments are imported from Japan and U.S.A., and our Know How Technology is originated from Japan.

Most of our products have achieved UL, C-UL, VDE and CCEE Approvals . We also dedicate our efforts to tailor made products for various applications. To make sure that customer needs are being met, we interact closely with our customers to understand and satisfy their different needs and requirements. Our major markets are China, Europe and U.S.A currently. Nowadays, many famous branded hi-end products make use of our R-Transformer to upgrade their performances and efficiencies. Besides, some hi-end products dealers also apply our R-Core and R-Transformer to new development in technology. It is evident that the efficiencies and accuracies of our products are highly regarded in the market; and our products become more and more popular in the industry.

R-Core transformer is a revolutionary breakthrough in transformer structure which employs grain-oriented steel material for cutless circular cross section R-core. The best performance of R-core transformer can be specified as following:

Small Power Consumption
The R-core transformer, with its rational design, features low iron loss, low heat generation, little exciting current and small power consumption. These are limitation of no-load for application in adapters under long-time stand-by power condition.

Against Leakage Flux
The R-core has only very small leakage flux because the steel core has no magnetic gaps and the wire is wound with good balance. It is the reason why there is no need to devise any countermeasure against leakage flux.

No Noise
Since there is no cutting, magnetostriction stress is absorbed easily. It assures that there is practically no noise.

High Efficiency
By using high grade Hi-B Grain-oriented silicon steel and constructing the R-core Transformer with minimum distance between core and winding, efficiency of the R-Core is usually more than 90%, and its performance in the instantaneous power is good enough.