The crucial factors in producing an ideal transformer are minimizing noise as well as loss of copper and the iron. The distinctive characteristics of R-Core transformers provide exclusive features to minimize these problems. Thus, it becomes possible to produce highly efficient transformers.

R-Core can be utilized to produce all kinds of electrical appliances with applications as either a power transformer or a specialized transformer. It possesses the extraordinary merits of small size, thin body, light weight, low flux leakage and low heat generation. In particular, it possesses the remarkable advantages of minimal exciting current, low no-load power consumption and low noise, making it the superlative product in the industry. Neither the El transformer nor any other shape of transformer can be compared with R-Core Transformer.

The structure of the R-Core is standard. Because the windings of the R-Core are in the shape of a cylinder, the length of copper wire in each spool can be minimized.

Core Characteristics and the production process
The design of the R-Core is very special. It ranges broadly in size from small to large. Thus it can be matched with different R-Core Transformers according to their respective power requirements.

A computerized slitting machine slits the Grain Oriental Electrical Steel Sheet Electrical Steel Coils continuously into varying widths (narrow-wide-narrow). Then a winding machine reels the materials into an R-Core without cuts and with a round cross section. The production operation is finished when the R-Core goes through the annealing process. As the body is entirely without gaps, the magnetic flux flows very smoothly through the R-Core. Therefore, flux leakage, noise, and heat generation are all extremely low.

Slitting and annealing are the critical steps in the process of producing an R-Core. Our company possesses the know-how and machines to insure that we always maintain world-class standards and accuracy.

The high accuracy of the curved lines, the reduction of burr to a minimum, and the truly round taxis column in the R-Core ensure the greatest reduction in eddy currents in order to maximize power. These factors are some of the most important ones in the manufacture of the R-Core.

A special annealing device is used to eliminate stresses in the production of the R-Core so that the core chips can be fully fixed without adhesive. In addition, the structure of the crystalline copolymer of the grain-oriented silicon steel which is damaged during processing can be automatically reconstituted, which is another important factor in R-Core performance.

Material: Hi-B Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet
Thickness: 0.23~0.3mm
Core Loss: <1.2W/kg (17/50)
Maximum Magnetic Flux Density: <1.85T (800A/m)
Annealing Temperature: 800
Surface Treatment: Rust proofing
Type: Besides the types illustrate in the 'Table', other specifications can be designed according to customers' demands.